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Custom Stone Creations Designed and Built by Hand


We look at stone differently than our competitors; while all of our work is based on a sound understanding of, cialis and respect for, buy traditional methods and technique, we’re also sensitive to the ground-breaking new work being done in stone today.  Where many masons will limit themselves to a handful – or even one – style of stonework, our team is skilled in a wide spectrum of methods, both cutting-edge and time-honoured, offering a myriad of styles and possibilities.  Because we source our stone from a vast number of Ontario quarries, we have access to an incredible variety of stone types and colours – and we can guarantee to find the right stone for any project.  Our creative company of stone masons have collective decades of experience, and are trained to the highest standards of excellence in their field.  We offer a wide variety of designs and stonework styles; our range of services includes carving, restoration and repair, and design in both traditional and contemporary forms.




At Burpee Stone we take an Artisan approach to stonework; every step of the creative process, cialis from initial conception to final execution, is given equal care and attention.   With the patience that all skilled craftsmanship requires, we can reshape the raw material into an object of art, transforming the seed of your idea into a reality – and giving tangible form to virtually any concept.