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Custom Stone Creations Designed and Built by Hand


stone-facadeBurpee Stone Masonry’s was founded in 1995 by Doug Burpee, help Master Stone Mason, whose first job as part of his apprenticeship with the prestigious Canadian Guild of Stone and Restoration Masonry was the restoration work on the Ottawa Peace Tower.  Ever since then, Burpee Stone Masonry has sought to bring the same high standards of professionalism and commitment to quality to bear on every stonework project that it has undertaken.  This is as true today as it was at the company’s foundation – in 2009, Burpee Stone Masonry was awarded the ACO Stone Hammer Award for ‘significant achievement in the preservation or restoration of a heritage building or site of architectural or cultural significance in Guelph or Wellington County.

One of the comments we hear most frequently from our clients is that it is hard to find a stonemason adequately qualified to do detailed and subtle stonework.  The level of quality that our clients insist on requires both a level of patience and a range of skills that are not easy often encountered in the industry.  At Burpee Stone Masonry, we place special emphasis on our understanding of the care and attention-to-detail that working with traditional stone and mortar requires; our knowledge of different forms of stonework, which underpins our ability to mimic, develop, retouch and repair a spectrum of styles; and our flair for innovation, for adding contemporary touches to traditional designs.    We hold as a key tenet of our philosophy the belief that innovation and tradition are not mutually exclusive, nor does excellence in one necessarily occur at the expense of the other.  At Burpee Stone, the values of creativity and time-honoured tradition are complementary – we put a contemporary twist on a traditional trade.















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